Ir a Neo@Ogilvy X
"True progress is that which places technology in everyone's hands."
Henry Ford
  • Media Strategy

    Based on what your business needs, we conduct an analysis that shows us the best way to present your product or service, helping you to achieve your goals. This includes everything, from integrating platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, up to developing management systems to optimize your services.

  • Web Development

    Sites designed to meet your customers’ needs in a simple, efficient, functional and attractive way.

  • Design

    We focus on finding the right match. We study the products or services your business offers and the market segment it belongs to, in order to convey your company's concept in a concise and elegant way.
    We cover the main areas within design:

    • Corporate identity (logo , business cards , folders , letterhead , etc)
    • Brochures
    • Posters
    • Advertising Graphics
  • Social Networks

    These platforms make a new business unit . Using them efficiently , we can attract the interest of a new market segment.

    We strategize social media campaigns and develop custom made apps for your business.

  • Intranets

    We develop internal management systems that enhance your business processes, helping each one of them to be simpler, with systems such as ERP , CRM , Stock Control , among others.

  • Mobile

    Native applications.

    We develop apps for smart devices, to interact with either new or already existing systems.

    We work with the leading platforms: Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry.